Hurricane Irma

15 Sep 2017

As many of you may or may not know, Hurricane Irma has caused havoc to the Islands and South Florida. I live here in Florida, and let me tell you, I freaking hate hurricanes with a passion.

I've been out of work for seven days due to power loss and flooding, and my house has been without power, AC, or water in the past five days. Gas has been impossible to find, and expensive at that. Let's just say that this whole experience has been an absolute nightmare, and my heart aches for the islands that were devastated and all parts of Florida that have been destroyed and left people without homes or anything.

I'm sorry for not being active, it's just, as you can see, kind of hectic in my life right now. I've been brushing my teeth at gas stations and living in darkness, sweating my ass off nightly and now that works started again it's HELL, because we're very busy but we lost most of our food (it's a restaurant, i'm a server) due to power loss and let me tell you, people are so unbelievably RUDE.

Anyway, enough complaining. I'm lucky to be alive and have all of my possessions and people I love safe as well. I hope if any of you went through it, you're okay too. Fall updates are coming soon, along with a whole new look, once I get my power back on and some things together.

If I haven't added you as an affiliate yet, please be patient with me I'm only able to use the internet right now rarely

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