NEW LAYOUT! - Thank You, Kecia ♥

19 Aug 2017

So, yet again, kecia @ parisfalls has wowed me with her skills and made this gorgeous layout that I purchased! I'm so in love with the colors and everything - like, obsessed! She honestly did a great job - and I'm a SUPER picky person - so go check out her site and see if she has orders available, cause if she does, GIVE HER YOUR MONEY LOL.

Anywho, I know it may be a little bit early, but I added a banner below this post that links to all of my halloween content - watch it all grow as halloween gets closer! I felt it might be a little too early, but screw it! I've been making so much fun halloween stuff that I just can't simply wait any longer.

I've also been learning a lot about pixel art and have been practicing. You'll see some really cute pixel stuff here in the future, so that's super exciting to me.

Oh, and HOW THE HELL can I forget to show you guys my new YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I'm really nervous about all of this but I'll go ahead and leave the video below. Hope you're all doing wonderful and I'll be back to write another post soon. ♥

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