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29 Jul 2017

What's up, everyone? I honestly feel like no one reads these, but I felt like doing a little update - mostly because I'm in a typing mood. Weird, I know.

I just wanted to take a moment to be proud of myself. For around ten years now I've wanted a DSLR camera and as of last week I am now the happy owner of a Canon EOS Rebel T4i! I won it on ebay; I literally waited until the auction had 10 seconds left and raised the bid only a little bit, and I won the camera for $350 when it retails for like, $300 more than that! I think I got super lucky with this, and I TRULY could not be happier.

With that said, I'm definitely looking into sitemodeling now that I can actually take quality pictures. I'm just waiting for a 50mm lens (nifty fifty for anyone who takes pics) and a tripod to come in the mail and then I'm gonna be taking a few sets and posting them for free, if anyone is interested. After that, I have some people interested in managing me so that's exciting. ♥

I bought a bunch of things from a few different webstores, like d0llhouse, mascaraa, Kecia (via fb) and more. I also made a LOT of my own content too, so be sure to check it all out!

I know this is really wordy, but I like this text filling up space in the layout, as lame as that may sound. Weird OCD problems, I swear. On a final note, I'm really wanting to add a shit-ton of tutorials so if you want any, please message me on FB or in the cbox and let me know ~ seriously, anything (no question is every too stupid!)

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